Investigation on inkjet printing for electromagnetic compatibility application

Melinda Hartwig, Maxim Polomoshnov, Ralf Zichner, Reinhard R. Baumann


The research is focused on the development of inkjet-printed silver grids on flexible films to (I) attenuate electromagnetic waves at 2.45 GHz locally by applying them directly on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth transmitter or to (II) protect electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) sensitive devices close to electromagnetic transmitters. The inkjet printing technology leads to resource, time as well as cost efficient manufacturing and simplifies the adjustment of the pattern design regarding different applications. The research contains a fundamental analysis of the behavior of printed silver patterns on flexible polymer substrates regarding line widths, layer morphology and electrical performance. On that basis the grid pattern for a certain frequency range is simulated. The report shows first simulation results on basis of the given material parameters. The results are the fundamentals for further research on realization of the simulated grid patterns by inkjet printing technology.

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