Strategy and numerical modelling of a vehicle seat with a lightweight sandwich design for large-scale production

Song Ren, Kay Schäfer, Daisy Nestler, Dominik Krumm, Stephan Odenwald, Lothar Kroll, Marc Fleischmann


A lightweight vehicle front seat with a sandwich structure, which consists of skin layers made of glass fibre-reinforced thermoplastic prepregs and a core consisting of a warp knitted spacer fabric filled with polyurethane foam, was developed. The strength test simulations of the seat structure were performed using a Finite Element Analysis approach. The results validate the new sandwich design of the vehicle seat with its adequate strength under a static load. With the innovative lightweight design, the mass of the seat was reduced up to 57 % in comparison to the reference seat from conventional mass production. In addition, a manufacturing process was advised for a large-scale production of the lightweight design within one workstation.

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