Methodological approach to investigate the behavior of the structure under dynamic loading using multiple criteria decision-making method


  • Josef Oleksik
  • Thomas Vietor
  • Srivatsaa Natarajan



The main objective of this article is to develop a support approach for designers in the concept phase of the design process. In this paper, two different structures are investigated with metal, composite and hybrid material under dynamic loading with multiple strain rates. The optimum choice of material and structural combination is found by a methodological approach using a Multi Criteria Decision Making Method (MCDM). It uses a stepwise procedure in evaluating the significance of each criterion and ranks the different alternatives. This method is applied to solve various problems in the field of economics, engineering, management. In this article, COPRAS is used to rank different material and structural combination.

Cylindrical and rectangular structures are investigated under axial and 3-point bending load. Moreover, three different constellations of material widen the comparison; they are steel and aluminum, composite material with carbon fiber and thermoplastic matrix and hybrid material, with a combination of composite and metal. The output parameters from the simulation such as energy absorption and force, are further mathematically converted to specific energy absorption (SEA), crash-force-efficiency (CFE) and load non-uniformity (LU). PAM-Crash is used as a solver for simulation.