Radar sensor integration and quality testing of sheet moulding compound parts in the automotive frequency range


  • Teresa Bonfig Volkswagen AG
  • Simon Wehler Volkswagen AG
  • Lothar Kroll Department of Lightweight Structures and Polymer Technology, Chemnitz University of Technology




Sheet moulding compounds (SMC), a type of fiber-reinforced polymers with discontinuous fibers, are a highly used lightweight material due to their cost efficiency and processability. Since the use of radar sensors behind structural skin body parts for advanced drivers assistant systems in the automobile industry is increasing, the usability of this kind of material as a radar cover is examined. Additionally, a method for the analysis of SMC parts with radar measurement methods in the Gigahertz area is introduced. The hereby considered parameters are the fiber orientation, fiber volume content, and quality failures like welding lines as they are crucial for the mechanical properties of the material. The methods presented are already in use in the automotive industry for quality assurance of radar covers and show potential as a fast and non-destructive method to analyse those important material parameters of SMC components.